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 Acting with professionalism and humanity… quality awareness in all details… and finally a good PR Consultant can effect a lot in hospitality business.“
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First we like to begin with our understanding about Hospitality Business. Hotel F&B.  Independent from the category, any kind of Hotel is a temporary living space for somebody. Every stay is connected with  a reason. Maybe it is a business- or vacation trip. People also travel for events, for culture or exploring something. The list is endless. But whatever it is, people leave for a temporary time their  intimate home. That‘s why the most guests book a Hotel  at the end  with a familiar a surrounding. „Here comes the thing“:  The interior is not so much critical as the social environment. It influences already the wardrobe, personal habits and interests, the preferred taste of food and  beverage and for sure a lot of more. On the other hand these are  exactly the basic aspects  for any kind of Hospitality business- development and strategical positioning in the market. What is what „you“ want to be and why? Not the interior alone creates the positioning, but the global service and finally in real the guests. Without exception every positioning idea has the right to exist. But the „wrong guests“ at the wrong spot can not only effect in every way the business itself. It effects also the feelings and memories from  guests. The truth is: „People take nothing back home. Just memories. And this is the best what you can offer: The promise for a good time.“  
What is the right target? To win new guests equal to the positioning and hospitality concept. To stay connected with this guests over the time and distance. Furthermore to create new innovative ideas, services and products for a prospective proprietary development. And yes: Quality- and education improvements are what people will feel. Not only for professional and individual skills, but also in questions of humanity culture and empathy.
If this is part of your mission I would love to share knowledge, creativity and experience as the right  PR Consultant and Studio.
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The promise for a good time. 
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